Tesla Model S Coast to Coast Record for Electric Cars

You all know that I am a hugh fan of Electric Cars. They are the future. They are clean, no tail pipe and electricity can be generated in many ways. If you choose your energy source wisely, say Solar energy or water power, you have a minimal impact on the enviorment. After decades of waiting the waiting is over. Tesla produced one of the first really cool electric cars and by  this advanced technology to the level “It can be done!” In the next decade many car companies will follow, to speed up this process Tesla is leasing there technology to other companies, like Mercedes and Toyota. Tesla is not in EV  for the money, they set up a a healthy business though. They are here to speedup  the development of electric cars by at least a decade.

It pretty clear that in this and the next decade electric cars will become the preferred means of road transpiration also for the long distance. Tesla introduced a really smart solution for that. The supercharger… If you own a Tesla model S you can use any supercharger there is for fee…. Not only now but always and as long you own your model S. Tesla is rolling out superchargers like madman. Over here in the Netherlands we now have two. We have a pretty small country it’s 450 square kilometer and happen to be the Tesla distribution center for Europe.

Last week Elon made a stop over and told it made really sense to setup much more superchargers in the Netherlands as it is a dense populated country. By stating this Elon demonstrates setting up superchargers is not just a nifty new feature. It’ll become a no-brainer there will always be one in your vicinity, like there is always a gas pump nearby. This will happen in no more that three to five years. In the US Tesla is moving ahead and it’s already easy to make a coast to coast trip with your Tesla, to make the statement that it also can be done quick a team of drivers and two Tesla model S car’s Set out from Los Angeles to New York to break the shortest charging time for a coast to coast trip with an EV.

Take a good look and find out that Elon Musk himself welcomes the drivers in New York.


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