Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack the missing pieces

If you only want to watch one video from my blog, watch this one. This is by far the most important video I every published. This is beyond Rockets and beyond nice but expansive electric cars. This is about the ordinary electric power in your own home and how you actually can start living from sustainable power on a day to days bases.

Watch and listen how Elon introduces the affordable Powerwall to store electricity that’ll make you practical in-depended from the grid. But more important the Powerwall and the Powerpack have the potential to tun or whole culture into a sustainable culture. Yes, that is turn the tide on CO2 emission and rollover the curve and CO2 concentration in our atmosphere stabilizes.



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  • Ken G

    Elon is a self-promoting shyster: every ‘fact’ he stated is either inflated or understated (whichever benefits his profit margin). The power density and cost/kWh/yr of his battery system is at least an order of magnitude shy of supporting the “sustainable” energy future you describe. The tech is getting closer, he’s the closest (arguably, considering maturity and market potential) and he has the backing and publicity to be ahead of the pack, but what he is saying is “half-truths”. Which is a nice way of saying the same thing I said in my first sentence.
    I am a huge supporter and proponent of the search for ways to directly convert and store solar energy for our use. We are not there yet, by far. My personal opinion is the break-through will occur when we discover how to harness biology– for example, create genes and enzymes that convert sunlight and waste into combustible fuel.
    K Green