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Free Aerospace engineering course on EdX

EdX runs a cool course: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight The course is presented by MIT Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, a former NASA astronaut who made five spaceflights and the first astronaut to log 1000 hours on the Space Shuttle He teaches you the core principles behind space travel and exploration. The course […]

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CERN Atlas detector

Heard all the buss about the Higgsboson last year? The first evidence that the Higgsboson really exists was found with the ATLAS detector at CERN in Geneva. I was very happy, having the opportunity to make an underground visit to the ATLAS detector last weekend. Or group got a guided tour by Herman ten Kate the ATLAS magnet project leader […]

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Curiosity and Opportunity both found it!

Nasa announced that both Curiosity and Opportunity have both confirmed that Mars once had favorable conditions for live. Today Opportunity is 10 years on Mars and still in reasonable good health. Fist bump, @MarsRovers! Our data agree: Mars could've supported life. #10YrsOnMars #DealWithIt — Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) January 23, 2014 Read the Opportunity story […]

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Understanding the chain fountain

This chain fountain is an really cute physical science experiment, that anyone can do at home. This amazingly looking phenomena can be explained very simply by the momentum of the chain rising vertical out of the pot. But actually can it…. No it can’t In the next video Dr. John S. Biggins explains what exactly is going […]

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