CERN Atlas detector

Heard all the buss about the Higgsboson last year? The first evidence that the Higgsboson really exists was found with the ATLAS detector at CERN in Geneva.

I was very happy, having the opportunity to make an underground visit to the ATLAS detector last weekend. Or group got a guided tour by Herman ten Kate the ATLAS magnet project leader and or tour included a visit to the underground ATLAS cavern which is 90 meters below the surface

What do I hear? “No photo, didn’t happen!”  

OK got it, here they are!



Here I am standing on a scaffolding that is at the same level as the beam pipes.

ATLAS Center

On the right you see a detector ring. I has been moved to the right for maintenance. It will be moved back to the left before CERN will start operation in April 2015. The two beam tubes are removed for safety reasons. When put back they will run through the center and cross at the heart of ATLAS. At that point the opposite revolving proton beams will collide and produce all kinds of interesting phenomena.


Looking down to the bottom of the cavern.

Atlas Up

Looking up into the cavern. ATLAS is really huge…

Herma ten Kate @ ATLAS

Herman ten Kate explaining the inner workings of ATLAS