SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System-sim

Elon Musk presents Interplanetary Transport System

Elon writes history again. Tonight on 28 september 2016 Elon presented the Interplanetary Transport System.

In this Video Elon runs you through the mechanics, the what and the why of the Interplanetary Transport System.

What Elon presents is not just a new mission, or a rocket, that is capable to bring humans to Mars. What Elon presents is a whole new transportation system. Actually it is evenmore than a system it is a whole new vision on how we will think about becoming a space fairing and multi planetary species. Its not hard hard to present a new dream of going to the stars or other planets. What is hard is to persent a plan that is feasible and from an engineering point of view sound. What Elon presents is a plan that has a good change of succeeding, as it is both sound engineering wish and cane executed in the next ten to twenty years by SpaceX the company he founded.

This is not just designing a rocket and a lander for a mission to Mars, this is a whole new ball game. It;s a grand plan to have a good range in making human multi plantar in the next 20 – 50 years, by establishing a colony on Mars. Not just landing a hand of people that can live om Mars for an extended period on Mars, but a colony for a million or more.

By using reusable booster stages and ships, that will be refuted in low Earth orbit, Elon plans to drive down the price for a ticket to Mars to about the price of a normal house. This includes a free return for every one that does;t like Mars and wants to go back to Earth.

For the current space industry this is atonally out of the box plan. But that is Elon, revolutionizing what he is working on. be it space travel (SpaceX), electric transportation (Tesla) or Sustainable power, to drive back CO2 production, as pumping CO2 in or atmosphere in the rate we do now is just one of the dumbest experiments ever.

This plan is nothing less than what the railroad did in the Us it will open up a whole new area to travel and explore, not only for a few lucky one’s, but for the many. Once on Mars people can start developing the local resources and start new endorse and business. It will be a whole new frontier.


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