Ghost Minitaur

Exploration robot

A really fresh take on exploration robot’s

This robot can open doors. Not only literarily, but I strongly think this is a fresh take on how exploration robots can be designed from a whole other perspective. Wheels are OK, but can only do so much. They can’t cope with untested train like we have seen with the embed rocks on Mars that punctured here wheels. And with wheels you can’t go to really rough places. I think this guy can. Yes this concept has to tested really really good before sending it to Mars or Moon, but if it panes out, it probably can do amazing things like go into craters, take samples and head back to a main startion to deliver them for analysis.

With the right AI it can learn quickly what’s the best way to move around, explore and bring back interesting rocks and other samples. Give a feet that can cope with less sold surfaces and it can go almost anywhere.

Wheels are OK, but when you go off-road you probably better of with legs.

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