Falcon-9R CRS-3 launch

Today the first Falcon-9R (Falcon-9 Reusable) made a flawless launch from the Cape. It delivered Dragon nicely to its orbit where Dragon opened the two solar panel, that are mounted on the trunk.

The video of the launch was shot by an amateur and give a very good experience of how a launch looks like and the tremendous amount of noise produced by the nine Merlin engines.

One day I’ll be there an shoot my own video 🙂

It’ll take about two days before Dragon reaches ISS, can be grappled, docked an unloaded. So that’ll be sunday.

I am also very curious how the re-entry of the first stage with the brand new sexy legs went. Did they unfold as planned? Was there a soft landing on the ocean? I’ll post as soon there is more news.

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