Falcon-9R launch scrub make up video

I had my laptop setup and was ready to watch the Falcon-9R CRS-3 Dragon launch to ISS… What I had missed was the small update note on LiveStream that the launch was scrubbed…. The countdown counter for the live feed hit zero and… Nothing happened. I switched to Twitter being the preferred communication channel of SpaceX and Elon Musk and quickly found out the launch was scrubbed due to a  helium leak on the Falcon-9. That was a disappointment as I love SpaceX launches. When weather permits, SpaceX tries next Friday the April the 18th.

To make up for this scrubbed launch, watch this video of a Apollo 11, Saturn-V launch. It’s a beautiful slo-mo 500 frames a second film from the launch pad, at the moment the five mighty F1 engines are started.


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