Grasshopper 250 meter vertical flight

This one brings back one my favorite childhood memories. Tintin Destination Moon

Destination Moon (Tintin) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and

Explorers on the Moon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you have read it, you will remember the big red white blocked moon rocket that was able to be launched vertical and also descend vertical.

The SpaceX Grasshopper is just designed to accomplish that. Vertical take off and Vertical landing, not on the Moon, but on Earth. The goal is both simple and revolutionary

Space flight is so damn expensive because rockets unlike planes and cars are only used onece. The first stage of a rocket just falls back in the ocean and is after the splashdown no more than a big pile of scrape metal.

SpaceX came up with the idea of making space flight much cheaper by reusing the rocket many, many times which will reduce the cost of space flight dramatically.

Grasshopper is the first engineering attempt to make that happen. SpaceX made some successful Grasshopper test, to test the applied principals of hovering a complete Falcon-9 first stage on just one steerable Merlin rocket engine. These tests where very successful, as you can see in the other video’s I have published.

SpaceX made an other leap with the last Grasshopper flight and made a really nice areal video for which they used a Hexacopter This video brought back memories of one of my favorite Tintin album with the vertical ascending and descending Moon rocket.

So siteback and enjoy the view in this 250 meter Grasshopper hover slam and let me know in the comments, if it brings back some childhood Tintin or other comic / SciFi memories.