ISEE-3 Reboot Project, a spacecraft for all

A while ago I blogged about the super cool ISEE-3 reboot project. After that I had little time to write, but closely followed the project. I was a wild time, from the success of switching the telemetry, the success of firing up the spin up trusters, to the struggle with the maneuver trusters. Fact is ISEE-3 is alive! Although it wasn’t possible to get this beautiful satellite back to it’ original place the L1 point, The mission to reboot ISEE-3 is highly successful. This sunday it will be on it’s closest point to the moon and than continues it new mission into a sun orbit…. doing science again!

ISEE-3 will be the first citizen science satellite, all scientific instruments that are still working are turned on sending back unique data, that will be made available live over the Internet for all. This great project lead by Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing and supported by many others

Sunday, when ISEE-3 makes it closest moon approach, will be the official start of ISEE-3’s “Citizen Science Interplanetary Mission”

As landmark a beautiful website was developed in collaboration with Google Creative Lab. It tells the ISEE-3 story in a beautiful and graphic way, you can find it at: chrome is advised, but the site does run in other browsers. 

More details about the upcoming event, next sunday (10th of August)