Philae has landed successful, Rosetta relays telemetry #cometlanding

Yesterday 12 November Philae made a successful landing on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. It did not just land one time, but bounced back and landed three times. Clearly the harpoon system didn’t fire so Philae made two hops.

First landing 15:34 UTC incoming 1m/s outgoing 48 cm/s and jumped up for about 1km
Second landing about two hours later at 17:25 UTC and jumped up with a view cm/s
Third landing was about seven minutes at 17:32 UTC.

The third landing place is kind of unknown at the moment, but educated guesses are that Philae is standing in a big crater possible against the rim of it.

The lander Philae is in great condition and all data collected is transmitted back to Rosetta that transmitted the data back to Earth. At 17:59 UTC Rosetta lost radio communication with Philae, this was expected because Rosetta moved over the horizon from the point of view from Philae.

Photo’s taken by Philae are released as I am typing this post and I will repost them on this blog later.