Philae landing event @SpaceExpo in Noordwijk The Netherlands #cometlanding

Last Wednesday, ESA Netherlands organized a live media event at SpaceExpo in Noordwijk The Netherlands to watch the landing of Philae on comet 67P.

I was happy to be invited, and that I could share in the joy en excitement, when the signal of the save landing of Philae on 67P was received by ESA in Darmstadt and projected on the big screen at SpaceExpo in Noordwijk.

I had a lot of fun at the event and met some very interesting people of which I name two.

Piet Smolders, who is a well know Dutch journalist specialized in space, did a lot of writing in newspapers about the Apollo missions to the Moon in the 60’s and 70’s and has been a long time specialist in Russian spaceflight and spacecrafts. He has been very active throughout the years on many aspects of spaceflight and popularizing space and spaceflight.

I still have a found memory of “Interkosmos” the big Russian space exhibition, that was brought The Netherlands in 1986 by Piet Smolders & Marc Taminiau from the Efeteling (Interkosmos on Eftepedia) I’ll do some digging in my photo archive and make a special post about my visit of “Interkosmos”back in 1986.

Piet got me a nice small book from the AO series he wrote and signed it for me. Thanks Piet! Hope to talk with you soon.

André Kuipers or famous Dutch Astronaut, who flew two missions on the International space station, was also present. I had a nice chat with him, watch this post!