Revolutionizing Satellites the SpaceX way

When anybody else says: “We are going top revolutionize the satellite industry”, I think yeah right, some more PR;BS, but when it comes from Elon, pay attention 🙂 Elon is known for his high passed really crazy ideas that just make sense. Crazy because no-one is working, trying or even looking for this perspective and when you take it in, it’s just the sensible thing to do.

Are others not think and working sensible? Not on this scale. Maybe on a company or industry scale, but not on a human scale like Elon does. Planning his own satellite fleet to open access to the Internet from every where on te globe. This is just perfect, it’s what people in remote area’s need.


As radio spectrum is more and more becoming an importnat commodity, there is a lot of completion going for suitable radio spectrum. Geekwire spend an article on the competition that is going on over the the bandwidth reserved for satellite applications between 12.2 and 12.7 GHz. This competition is especially hard for companies like SpaceX how already have invested a lot of money in research and technology for this part of the radio spectrum.