Falcon first stage crash landing

SpaceX CRS-5 first stage, first drone ship landing attempt

A good while ago, Elon twitter a Vine loop of the somewhat disastrous landing of the first attempt to land the a first stage Falcon9 on the drone ship.

The cause of the crash: The hydraulic system that actuate the grid fins that sit on top of the first stage. ran out of hydraulics. This could happen because the system was designed as an open system. All hydraulics that are use are dumped and not reused. Design wise this is a smart move as the grid fins only need to operate for a short amount of time. A open system weight much less than a closed system that reuses the hydraulic fluid. Unfortunately, the grid fin system ran out of hydraulics just about 30 seconds before the landing. Close but no cigar.

The next attempt to land on the drone ship is with the flight of the Dragon due tomorrow April 13th 20.15 UT.