CRS-6 patch

SpaceX CRS-6 launch event (with full launch video)

Rescheduled for April 14th 19:50 UT (21:50 CEST) and successful.

Full launch video

The first stage landed on the droneship but unfortunately tp hard for survival

(Scrubbed due to lightning) If all goes well tonight at 20:15 UT (22:15 CEST) SPaceX will launch Dragon on it’s seventh mission to ISS. (One demonstration mission and six resupply missions)

The event will be broadcast via Livestream and can be watched below. Tonight the second attempt to land on the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship: “Just read the instruction” named after one of the Culture ships, from one of the novels from Iain M. Banks.

The launch will be covered live, and if in any way successful, visual or factual, video of the landing will be expected in hours.


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