Dragon V2 pad abort test

SpaceX Dragon V2 Pad abort test

My favourite videos from the pad abort test of Dragon V2

Some background:
This is not a launch to space but a test launch to test the functionality of the Dragon V2 escape system, so this is only a very short but successful flight.

Dragon V2, after having completed all test, will be launched on a Spacex’s Falcon 9R rocket to bring astronauts to ISS.

The purpose of the escape system is to bring astronauts to safety in case of a mishap with the the Falcon 9R. During manned spaceflight there has always been a means for the crew to escape during the first stage of a flight in case something went wrong. The Apollo program rockets which landed man on the moon had a separate escape tower bolted on top of the capsule. SpaceX takes a more advanced approach by integrating the escape system into the capsule. The big advantage of this approach; the escape system can operate during the whole trip to orbit, not only during the first stage of the trip.


My favourite test abort test video is made by go-pro cameras mounted on the outside of the capsule.


Ground view of the pad abort test


Complete video of the whole laugh event.