SpaceX tank poduction

SpaceX, rocket tank production timelapse video

SpaceX is ramping up there production. In October they produced there 100th Merlin motor eventually they will produce 40 rocket cores annually.

Having 2 tanks in the first stage, two tanks in the second stage.
Having nine Merlin motors on the first stage and one on the seconds stage.

That adds up to:
Amount of tanks: 4 x 40 = 120 tanks annually.
Amount of motors 10 x 40 + 400 motors annually

It is clear that SpaceX is growing rapidly to become one of the biggest private launch suppliers.

It’s worth to watch this video repeatedly and concentrate on a one place in the production process. You will notice that there is a lot going on, like the welding of the tank elements in the white tent on the left.

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