Philae on the comet croped

Philae mission 100% success! Now taking a nap #cometlanding

It was totally awesome to follow all the messages that where live tweeted from the ESA headquarters in Darmstadt. It was also very exciting. Nobody did know if a link could be established between Rosetta and Philae tonight. Philae’s solar panels didn’t catch enough sunlight to charge the onboard battery the battery would be depleted soon. […]

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Philae has landed successful, Rosetta relays telemetry #cometlanding

Yesterday 12 November Philae made a successful landing on 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. It did not just land one time, but bounced back and landed three times. Clearly the harpoon system didn’t fire so Philae made two hops. First landing 15:34 UTC incoming 1m/s outgoing 48 cm/s and jumped up for about 1km Second landing about two hours […]

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