Model D

Tesla Model D, electric four wheel drive (updated 11 Okt)

Tesla upgraded model S with a second motor that drives the front wheels. It’s faster, accelerate faster and is more efficient.

It has three drive settings
1) Normal
2) Sport
3) Insane. Yes that’s for real, this setting is actually labelled insane 🙂

I also has autopilot with a lot of sensors, to prevent all kind of hazard.

Watch the video, Elon introducing the new upgrade Model-D


Update #1

TeslaMotors also published there own blog with a lot of detail

Update #2

I had a ROFL when I first read the comparison of the Model D with the McClaren F1. In fact Elon did own one and had some interesting driving experience with it…

Update #3

This is a short impression of the acceleration and what the autopilot can do.