Why using hydrogene for cars make totally no sense

There still is a lot of debate going on, using hydrogene as a fuel for cars. Turns out, form physics point of view it is really a very very silly idea.

  • Technological it is difficult to produce hydrogene, store and use it in a car
  • Hydrogene is a energy storage mechanism, it’s not a energy source. (Same with electric energy)
  • Making hydrogene with other energy source is an very inefficient process.
  • Just charging a battery is about two times more efficient that converting electric energy to hydrogen and back
  • Hydrogene is hard to handel and store.

As Elon Musk argues in this video. Hydrogen is just a very dumb choise as an energy storage mechanism. If you want to go chemical, methane is much easier to handle and store. If you just want to go electric, use good battery technology.

This is why Tesla, is not doing any thing with these exotic, cool looking, but very inefficient technologies. Hydrogen and fuel cells. It’s just dumb and silly from a physics point of view. Tesla motors is using lithium batterie technology for a reason, that rooted in pure physics.

  • High efficiency
  • Really easy to handel
  • With the right safety guards in place, save to use in cars
  • Easy  to recycle

This is also why Telas build the giant, Giga Battery factory. We need a high volume of good batteries for the next generation Electric cars. Elon just does the math 🙂